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Geraldine Carter is a Business Coach for CPAs.

I work with strong, talented, hard-working CPAs like you: a master at finding tax advantages, but not a master at running your business.

As a result of working together, you will:

  • clarify your vision of the accounting practice you want to create
  • lay out the steps necessary to build it
  • jettison the distractions, offerings, (and clients) that aren’t working
  • stay focused on today’s priorities
  • generate real, measurable growth in your accounting practice

Expertise and accountability help you move faster while staying on track.

That’s a vision I can get behind and want to help you create. 

Me, in a nutshell:

Co-founded and grew a business to 7 figures in 6 years:
My role as CFO was forecasting and managing cash flow generated by 300 participants raising $4000 each on two separate events a year. Ensuring an estimated $1.2M was available when needed to pay for staff and logistics meant the models I created needed to be on point. Please go check out Climate Ride and the amazing work it does.

B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Cornell University:
I solve big problems by breaking them down into manageable steps.

I coach to a code of ethics and know exactly what to ask:
The right questions lead you to deeper insights. As an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach, I am committed to my own on-going learning and growth, and coach to a code of ethics.

I have been there:
The mental chaos was a permanent and growing weight on me. I needed to find quiet from the endless drubbing of negative thoughts. Well, 800+ hours of mindfulness training worked.

I have the string that will lead you out of the labyrinth, and my BS-sniffer won’t let you play small.

Traveled all around the world by bike:
I’m not your average egg. I have seen more heart-breaking poverty than I wish existed, and more people with huge hearts for making the world a better place. I am one of them.

Energetic, happy, authentic, and excited about life:
I am only on this planet once. I make it count.

“I had been holding myself back from adding advisory services – Geraldine helped me clarify the offering, the pricing, and the messaging around it so I could give clients more of the very guidance they were asking for.”

Tired of trading dollars for time? There is an easier path to growing your income.
A highly effective guide to doubling your revenue, this e-book will show you how to:
  • Simplify your practice
  • Increase your prices
  • Work with your best clients
  • Take back your time and money
Create more impact in your business with regular emails from Geraldine.
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Create more impact in your business with regular emails from Geraldine.
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