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Better Pricing Methodologies For CPA Firms

We’re back today with Jonathan Stark. In case you missed it we did a recording with Jonathan a couple of weeks ago. It’s episode 106 – Better Pricing Strategies for Accountants. There was so much more to talk about that I invited him to come back on to continue the conversation about pricing. 

One of the problems that CPAs run into in their practices is that they tend to fall back on two methodologies for pricing: billing by the hour, and flat rate, which tends to be a cost-plus version of billing by the hour. 

These two methodologies limit them in terms of how they price in their firm. Coupled with the problem that hourly billing is problematic in that the client doesn’t have a price until after the work is done. And if the bill exceeds the value to the client, that’s a big problem.

So what we want to talk about today are different pricing methodologies for CPAs. 

Before we started recording, I laid out a couple of options, namely retainer, value-based, contingency and subscription. Jonathan walks us through what those different pricing methodologies look like, what’s good to use and what kind of circumstances and why you don’t want to use them in certain circumstances and what the risks are.

Download the PDF below for the notes on the different pricing strategies.


Download the PDF: Different Pricing Methodologies for CPAs


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