Business Coaching

for cpas

Grow your accounting practice faster with less wasted effort.

Nail down your financial goals. Know your ideal clients and their problems. Develop clear and consistent messaging that differentiates you from other CPAs in town. Get smart about your time so you can shut down at 4pm.

My clients are on track to make 3x to 8x their investment.

You are just like they are. You can have these results too.

with Business Coaching you can:

Differentiate yourself from the pack of “all-purpose accountants.”
When you specialize, you serve your clients better, referrals come more easily, and your value increases. Remember, Full Service Tax Prep is not a specialty – it’s what you do.

Divide by your conversion rate to know exactly how many clients you need to reach your goals.
All the clients you need are already in your network. Stop going to networking events that yield no business and focus your time on what generates revenue.

Get comfortable in sales conversations.
Ever feel awkward when it comes to sales? Learn to be authentic with prospects, and sell only when clients want to work with you.

Ensure your payment policies protect you.
We will clean up A/R, end friends-and-family discounts, and clients whose last-minute cancellations are time sucks. 

Get real with your time.
No more magic math. When it comes to serving clients, marketing your business, and admin, the money and the time need to add up.

your Business Coaching package Includes:

Four-hour Big Picture Planning Session
Start things off with clarifying the accounting practice you want to create. We will specify goals, understand current financials, create an ideal calendar,  and more.  

Bi-monthly Focused 50-minute Sessions
Meet at regular intervals to stay on track. Session Prep Forms will help you clarify your main obstacles so we can dive right in and make the most of our time.

Custom Action Plan
We will determine which areas of your business need your attention and then we will create clear and simple plan so you can focus on what is most important.

Personalized Budget & Actuals Spreadsheet
Together we will create an annual budget based on previous years’ financials, taking your stretch goals into account. We will track your revenue and expenses each month so we can both monitor your progress.

Personalized 90-day Calendar
We will create a calendar that maps to your priorities, so you always know what to work on next. Set aside time to work in your business, and time to work on your business, so you become a more effective and profitable business owner.

Custom mid-week accountability check-ins
Based on your weekly work flow, get quick texts or emails designed to help you stay focused on your priorities.

Shared Notes & Recordings
A shared Google Drive folder with notes and recordings from each session – no need for furious note-taking. Reference sessions in perpetuity. Transcripts upon request.

Anytime Support
Email and Voxer access for quick mid-week questions, during business hours.

Review & Feedback
Of documents, images, collateral, contracts, videos, etc. A second pair of eyes moves things along faster.

Your bank/credit card statement will show Mindfulness Coaching Works, LLC

“Geraldine helped me double my income in 6 months with the right blend of strategy, priorities, and focus.” 

Would you like to double your revenue?

Fill out this form to download the PDF:


Create more impact in your business with regular emails from Geraldine.
Would you like to double your revenue?
Fill out this form to download the PDF:


Create more impact in your business with regular emails from Geraldine.
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