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7 Reasons Hourly Billing is Tragic for Your Tax Practice

How to Get Off Hourly Billing

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7 Best Episodes of my Podcast: Smart Strategy for CPAs

  1. Stand Out from the Crowd, with Donna Leyens, President of Pumpkin Plan Your Biz. On switching your relationship from simply service provider to partner who helps solve problems.
  2. How to Sell with Authenticity and Improve Your Sales Mindset, with Nikki Raush of Your Sales Maven. Learn Nikki’s 5-Step Selling Staircase to help you handle sales conversations with ease.
  3. Time To Rethink Your Pricing Strategy with Ron Baker of VeraSage. Value-pricing and subscription pricing, revisited.
  4. [Mindset] Are You Sending Mixed Signals to Money?  If you want more money but don’t want more money because you don’t want to be greedy or live an opulent life, money is going to be confused, and it won’t come near you as easily.
  5. Cashflow Forecasting, Niching, and Raising Your Rates with Emily Sandberg. Business owners need to understand their cash flow, and they want to be able to weigh options for investing their cash in growth. 
  6. Lean and Profitable By Design, with Anjali Jariwala, CPA, CFP, & founder of FIT Advisors. A practice based on value, rather than volume, with her own innovative services and pricing structure. 
  7. Better Pricing Methodologies For CPA Firms, with Jonathan Stark. Flat-rate, Subscription/recurring, Value-based for single projects, Retainer. Two episodes, 106 and 111. 

Guest Appearances on Other Podcasts and Shows

  1. Accounting Influencers with Rob BrownThe Power of Frameworks to Help Accountants Sell More
  2. Jetpack Workflow with David CristelloThe 6 Little White Lies CPAs Tell Themselves
  3. Money Check up with Anjali JariwalaFinding the Right CPA for Your Business
  4. Ditching Hourly with Jonathan Stark: The Forensic Bounty Hunter
  5. AM in the AM with Jonathan Stobart: The Challenges of the Accountants’ Business Model
  6. “The Darren Cioffi Show”



Value in Pricing:
How to assess value,
increase it,
And get clients to see it

FEB 18


How to Become a High-Priced Advisor

It’s easier than you think: in this 1-hour video, I walk you through the 7 steps to take.

Accountants Anonymous

“How Should I Price ______ ?”
JAN 14, 2021

“Realizing that *I* get to design the services my clients need and want was a total gamechanger. Now I’m building my practice that fits my vision, rather than building off of whatever came to my door. It’s exciting, and refreshing!”
Janet Gibb, CPA


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