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Is Your Accounting Niche Niche-y Enough?

Today, we’re talking about how niching can bring you one step closer to earning more while working less.

Having a clear niche as a CPA is the single biggest thing you can do to get you off the hamster wheel of working like crazy, and makes it easy for great clients to find you because you’re a go-to expert in their field.

When you go through the process of making your niche niche-y enough, your business will become more simple for you to run.

You’ll deliver more value, more easily, and in less time. And you’ll become known as a go to person to be serving that type of client. And then once all that happens and given some time, then you can take things to the next level where many more opportunities that you may not be able to see right now, including additional revenue streams will begin to appear.

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