Epic Business Growth for CPAs Podcast

063 How to Get Started Adding Advisory Services

I hear the CPAs telling me just how much expertise and knowledge they have, and their desire to guide their clients in their businesses. On the other hand, I have these business owners who are dying for this expertise, and this guidance. What are the steps you need to take next if including advisory services in your accounting practice is something you want to move forward on?

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062 Making More Time in Your Business with Adrienne Dorison, Co-Founder of Run Like Clockwork

Do you know what is the most important activity that you do in your business in order for you to survive in your industry, in your marketplace? Adriene Dorison of Run Like Clockwork goes deep into the Clockwork concepts so that business owners can use these concepts to simplify our businesses, get more time and freedom back, while making more money.

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059 Planning for 2020 Happens Now

Do you want to get ahead of the game and figure out where you’re trying to go, figure out where you want things to end up and see if you can steer your business there as best as possible? It’s time to do your business planning and start thinking about the big things that could be possible for you to be creating in 2020.

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