Epic Business Growth for CPAs Podcast

059 Planning for 2020 Happens Now

Do you want to get ahead of the game and figure out where you’re trying to go, figure out where you want things to end up and see if you can steer your business there as best as possible? It’s time to do your business planning and start thinking about the big things that could be possible for you to be creating in 2020.

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056 How Being A Non-traditional Practice Fuels Growth, with Michelle Cooper

Michelle Cooper of Alchemy Accounting is out to design a non-traditional accounting practice. In this episode, we talk about what that might look like as technology enables more of us to be nomads at work, and about the opportunity that presents for accountants to do taxes across international borders. We also talk about about niching down, and about the Queen Bee Role in her business that has made operations clearer for everyone on her staff.

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054 How Narrowing Your Niche Can Help You Grow Faster

Narrowing your niche is an incredibly important thing to do to help you grow your accounting practice. I want to talk about is why it’s harder to be a generalist, what the benefits are of specializing and niching down. I want to address the fears and myths about niching down. I want to give you some examples of what it might look like to choose a specialty, what you do, and who you do it for, plus some sample messaging and where to start.

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053 Adding Advisory Services and the Power of Niching Down, with Tracy Jepson

Tracy Jepson of TLJ Bookkeeping and Consulting talks about her journey from charging by the hour to moving to retainer, how she listened to really understand what her clients were asking her for, how that informed the addition of advisory services, and then how in time she niche down and niche down again, to make her own life easier, and watched her business grow as a result.

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052 From Solo to A Team of 6 in 5 Years, with Danielle Hayden of Kickstart Accounting

Danielle Hayden of Kickstart Accounting left her corporate job in 2014 to help small business owners with their numbers and finances. Five years later she runs an accounting practice with six people on staff serving more than 275 clients all around the country. In this episode, she shows us what’s possible to create in your business in five short years.

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051 How to Be Productive Where It Matters Most, with Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist

Amber de la Garza, The Productivity Specialist, is a sought after coach, trainer, speaker and writer, and host of the Productivity Straight Talk Podcast. She helps driven entrepreneurs execute actionable solutions to maximize profits, reduce stress, and make time for what matters most.

Amber reframes productivity from being about the small minute-to-minute changes that might make our systems slightly more efficient, to really thinking about how to best use our time, so that we can be more productive in life and in business.

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