037 [Coaching] Setting Boundaries & Getting Ahead of Summer Planning

Like many health and wellness practitioners, Miri Disney Faller of Back on Track Physical Therapy sometimes finds it challenging to run the business side of things the way that she wants, so that the patients, the time and the finances all balance out. In this on-air coaching call, I help Miri get really clear about the summer that she’s trying to create and not let her slide where she wants to leave the crack open, all in service of enjoying both her work and her family time.

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036 How Tracking KPIs Can Help You Work Less Hard In Your Business

We talk about Key Performance Indicators or KPIs in your business, why measuring them is important and how to think about which ones you should be measuring. It’s important to know what to track and how often, and to have a system for tracking. And most importantly, what decisions you’re going to make based on the information that you find. Because the real problem here is that you’re likely to be leaving opportunity in the form of money, profit and time on the table. And working harder than you need to be.

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035 How to Let Go of Past Business Mistakes

Do you find it hard to let go of past mistakes that you’ve made in your business? Running a business is simply a series of making mistakes, until we find the things that work. And if we hold on to making mistakes we just drag them around. And it costs us time, energy and focus. What’s the mistake that you’re holding on to? What’s keeping you from letting it go?

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034 [Mindset] Are You Sending Mixed Signals to Money?

When was the last time you explored your relationship with money? It is important to explore your money mindset. And, your relationship with money is so much more than just your money mindset.

In today’s episode, I’ll be talking about how you might be sending mixed signals to the universe when it comes to money. How the messages you send may be holding you back in your business. And what you can do to square up your signals.

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033 [Coaching] Developing Your Thought Leadership Platform with Triathlete Coach Anne Torrez

Today’s guest is Anne Torrez of Tri It Your Way Coaching.

If you’re wondering what actual coaching is like, here is a raw, barely edited session where neither of us is giving any mind to the possibility that this might be aired.

Anne wanted help fleshing out her thoughts around a possible talk that she wanted to deliver at a conference. We explore her conference topic idea, about mentally strong women. Why is it important to be mentally strong, particularly as women in the sport of triathlon?

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032 On A Mission to Transform Healthcare, with Lesley Von Eschen, PA-C and Carol Bridges, MD, co-CEOs of CostCare

Drs. Lesley Von Eschen and Carol Bridges, co-CEOs of CostCare, talk about how they got started, the struggles and challenges that they have faced along the way, and their vision for transforming the way healthcare is practiced as we know it. In our country’s current healthcare situation, there’s a lot more money in people getting sick than people getting healthy. Find out why the doctors believe that the direct primary care business model is going to be the solution for primary care in the US.

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030 [Mindset] Is Your Current Thinking Keeping You Stuck?

Your thoughts create your life. If you want to change your life and grow your business, you need to change your thoughts. If want to get to the next level, you’ve got to develop a new series of thoughts, a new perspective, and have new filters so that you can create the next level of what you want in your life. You got to change your mindset, change your thinking. How can you change your mindset so that you get the results that you want in your life?

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