048 How Applying Behavioral Economics Can Benefit Your Business, with Melina Palmer of Brainy Business Podcast

Melina Palmer, host the Brainy Business Podcast, helps companies of all sizes to incorporate Behavioral Economics into their businesses to make them more brain-friendly, and increase conversions and ROI. In this episode, we talk not just about Behavioral Economics, but how to apply these important concepts in your business.
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042 Decoding CPA-Speak: Clarifying 9 Common Terms

Kate Baker is a Physical Therapist who decided to go from working in a clinic to stepping out on her own as a solo practitioner. Kate and I talk about making the money and the time add up so that she has time to parent her 7-month old boy. We talk about the best use of her time, should she outsource her bookkeeping, what to do about her website, and should she outsource that, and what are the best avenues to build an ongoing client base.
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041 Not Your Typical Sex-y Business with Amy Lang, Owner of Birds and Bees and Kids

I’m here to make CPA and bookkeeping-speak a little bit easier for you. What I have today are 9 terms that CPAs and bookkeepers use all the time, that the rest of us have no clear understanding of. I want you to have some kind of imagery that you can use to help you remember what these terms mean. So that you can ask yourself, “What do I need to know about these numbers? How can these numbers help me be smarter in running my business?”
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040 BAM Success Summit – 5 Guest Takeaways

Amy Lang of Birds and Bees and Kids teaches adults how to talk to kids about sex and sexuality so they can grow up to be whole, healthy adults. She has been an educator for more than 25 years, and has a degree in adult education. And volunteered as s sexual health educator. Today, instead of talking about sex, we’re going to talk about the super successful business that Amy has buit, the mistakes, and what she has learned along the way.
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039 Women Disrupting the Cannabis Industry, with co-owner of Dancing Goat Gardens, Kim Bostrom

I’m back from the B A M Success Summit, hosted by Julie Fry, which took place in Seattle a couple weeks ago. Business Among Moms is more than just an annual conference, it’s a collection of more than 30 locally-based chapters around the country, and a whole lot more. In this episode I gather takeaways from some of the great women I met: Kate Ahl, Katy Blevins Calabrese, Michelle Cooper, Karen Nelson, and Melina Palmer.
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