Strategy Sessions

for cpas


Strategy sessions & packages for CPAs will fast-track your revenue growth

Nail down your financial goals. Know your ideal clients and what their problems are. Develop clear and consistent messaging that differentiates you from other CPAs in town. Get smart about your time so you can shut down at 4pm.  

We can

Figure out what you need to fix first:
With so many options, it’s far too easy to fix what you know how, rather than what matters most.

Clarify your goals:
No more fuzziness between Revenue, Net Income, and Take-Home Pay. Or “Are we talking cash or accrual?” We’ll set clear income goals that get your heart beating. 

Identify your Ideal Clients:
We’ll sort your clients by customer lifetime value, and see what they have in common. Then we’ll find where they hang out so we can go find more of them.

Nail your specialty and niche:
“The riches are in the niches.” “If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.” Identify who you serve best, and start talking to them regularly with a clear and consistent message, so ideal clients find you faster.

Be accountable:
Know that someone (a-hem, me) is going to check in on you and your progress. No more lame justifications for not GSD’ing.

Strategy Sessions are all focus. no fluff, no puffery.

You determine what you need the most help with. That’s where we will focus our time.

You will also get

A recording of our call:
So you can go back and listen for “What was that part about…?” And not have to worry about missing anything.

A shared Google Doc:
With notes, key takeaways, and action items. It will be clear to both of us what is next for you.

Post-call check-in:
10 days after our call I will email you to find out if you got your actions items done. Accountability’s a bee-otch! 🙂

“Realizing I only needed 8 new clients made it so much easier to focus my lead gen efforts!”

“I walked out of a 90-minute strategy session with important ideas to implement right away.”

Tired of trading dollars for time? There is an easier path to growing your income.
A highly effective guide to doubling your revenue, this e-book will show you how to:
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Create more impact in your business with regular emails from Geraldine.
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