Fix This Next


Fix This Next Coaching for Accountants & CPAs:
The fastest way to isolate what to fix next in your business

fix this next can help you:

  • Know exactly what is most important to focus on next in your business
  • Get out of “busy” and do what will be effective
  • Use a proven framework – rather than your gut – to guide strategy
  • Fix problems in the right order, at the right time
  • Move consistently in the direction of your goals

FIX THIS NEXT is the ultimate diagnostic tool for every CPA to drive the results they desire most.

are you tired of:

      • Spinning your wheels, running in 15 directions all day
      • Chasing clients around, like frogs in a wheelbarrow
      • Trying things that don’t actually solve the problem
      • Wasting energy, converting it to heat instead of profit
      • Unable to find the root cause and treat the underlying condition

and you want

      • Do work you love (get out of tax if you want!)
      • Work with a handful of premium clients you enjoy – and who pay you well
      • Take home $400K instead of $225K (or $225K instead of $100K)
      • Work a 25-hour week, and get off the 18 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week hamster wheel
      • Take back control of your business and get your time and life back

there is a better way – working more hours isn’t it.

fix this next has your answer. 

private fix this next coaching for accountants & CPAs

  • Your accounting practice assessed: what is and isn’t working well
  • An expert who can see into your business and quickly identify what needs to shift first
  • Direct feedback about what you can change to make it stronger now
  • Accountability from someone who won’t let you slide
  • Clear action steps so you can focus on the next most important items
  • Anytime access to my guidance via Voxer and email (during business hours)

    There has never been a better time to refocus and realign your current business with your bigger vision for your life.

    “Realizing I only needed 8 new clients made it so much easier to focus my lead-gen efforts!”

    “Outlining my own ‘advisory services‘ along with value-based pricing has been a complete game-changer.”

    Business must be a force for good. There is no other way. Every 1,000 downloads of the Epic Business Growth For CPAs podcast a tree is planted in Kenya.

    Would you like to double your revenue?
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