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Compliance and accounting may be what your clients want, but it’s not what they need. The vast majority of business owners have limited interested in understanding tax, or looking in the rear view mirror at their financials.

Instead, most business owners need answers to questions like these:

  • How do I make more money?
  • What can I do to stop the bleeding?
  • How is it that I make $50K a month, but my bank account is always empty?
  • How much do I have to spend on Facebook Ads?
  • If I have $100K in reserve, is it better to hire someone, or expand into a new location?
  • What am I supposed to be asking you, that I don’t even know to be asking you?

Your clients are seeking answers from financials, but you keep serving up tax, with random splatters of advice on the side. Your clients are frustrated and resigned, and you are leaving money all over the table. What’s worse – so are they.


It’s also easier to add than you think. In 6 weeks, we can get you started converting your best clients into Advisory Lite services.

What comprises Advisory Services?
The simple version of Advisory Services is the kind of guidance you are already providing, for free.

It includes but is not limited to:

  • Entity Structure Optimization
  • Cashflow planning – so your clients never run out of cash
  • Cashflow solutions – helping your clients solve their cashflow issues, rather than simply managing and tolerating them
  • Helping your clients shift to get paid upfront
  • Expense reviews to plug leaks
  • Profitability assessment of services and offerings to clarify what drives profitability in the business
  • Review of margins and KPIs
  • Addressing industry-specific business model challenges
  • Review and raise rates
  • Scenario Planning – best, worst, and most likely case, given x, y, and z



We look at your existing clients, coupled with your interests and skill set, to determine your best opportunities.

The most likely scenario is that you are already doing informal ‘Advisory Lite’ – but you don’t know it, because your knowledge is obvious to you. (Isn’t this obvious to everyone?)

My job is to extricate what you already know and give away all day for free, that’s worth tens of thousands of dollars in savings or revenue growth to your clients. (Have you ever had clients say, “I feel like I should send you a nice bottle of wine, because Wow, was that worth it.” That’s a sign you’re doing Advisory and giving away the store.)

We will uncover what your clients have been asking you for. We will turn the outcomes they seek into a formal service offering that has three price options, so they’ll almost always say yes. You’ll find it natural and easy to sell, because it’s material you already know inside and out. The difference is that now you have it in a nice, neat box. With a price tag on it.

Once developed, we will identify a few prospects and/or clients to pilot your new Advisory Service with.

Once you’ve earned three ‘Yesses’, we’ve met the objective, and you will know enough to carry on from there.

The process:

  • 6 – 8 weeks coaching with unlimited access – Zoom, Voxer, email – during business hours
  • We share a Drive Folder, so I can review progress and help you stay accountable
  • Identify the opportunities in your client roster
  • Understand what your best clients want that they are not getting from you because you’re always backed against a deadline
  • Build a draft service offering
  • Select clients to pilot to at a great price
  • Test, seek feedback, improve service offering
  • Offer to prospects and existing clients at full rate

More important stuff:

  • Price: $7500.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you are not happy after our first call, I will refund your payment, and we can part on good terms. I can do the same if I think we are not a good fit.
  • Payment can be split in two, first payment due before starting, second payment at 20 days. Payment can be made in full by check for 10% less.
  • You can record our calls.
  • Our calls are confidential.
  • Meetings are capped at 90 minutes, but you can have as much of my time as you like by simply scheduling the next meeting sooner. (This is part of breaking you of the notion that you are “buying my time.”)
  • Every client is a bit different, but how it usually works is: first meeting includes benchmark, 5 Year plan, focus on your niche, pick which clients and market to research. Second meeting we begin to form services based on client feedback. We pick who to pilot to. Third meeting evaluate, adjust prices, find next set to offer services to. Fourth meeting if necessary to wrap up.

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