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Stand Out from the Crowd

My guest today is Donna Leyens of the Provendus Group, and Pumpkin Plan Your Business.

Donna is an entrepreneur, a Certified Professional Business Coach and has an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. She spent the early part of her professional career on Wall St. analyzing and raising capital for public and private companies. In other words, Donna knows what makes a company tick. 

Donna and Mike Michalowicz have partnered to create Pumpkin Plan Your Biz, where business owners receive training and certification in the pumpkin plan methodology to become certified Pumpkin Plan Strategists. 

I wanted to interview Donna to go deeper into the concepts in the Pumpkin Plan and how they can be implemented to make it easier and more profitable to run your business. 

One of the things I loved in our conversation was this idea around no longer selling just an additional service. 

If you want to become an advisor in your business, you need to switch how you view your relationship with and how you communicate with your clients, from one of simply service provider to one of partner who helps solve problems. 

If you like this idea of separating yourself from the crowd, and want help with the process, know that I am soon to be a certified Pumpkin Plan Strategist, because I am already applying so many of these concepts to great success with my own clients, and decided that being even more adept with the process and tools would shorten the time it would take for my clients to double their income with a third of their client load. 


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The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field

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